Hyundai E&C


Since the foundation of Hyundai E&C, it has been our dream to work to promote the happiness of humankind. Creating a new value for human life, and building a bright and promising future by connecting people to people, culture to culture and land to land through construction: this is a long-term vision of Hyundai E&C.

Hyundai E&C has always shared in Korea’s long journey toward modernization.
Founded in 1947, we have been a ‘construction powerhouse’ in Korea, leading the nation’s land development and construction industries in the period of post-war restoration and growth. We also introduced the world to the power of Korea through our successful advancement into Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Today, Hyundai E&C is welcoming the opportunity to take a new leap forward thanks to the extensive global networks of the Hyundai Motor Group and our competitive strength in various business fields. Based on our human-oriented corporate culture, we are ready to take another step into the world as a leading EPCM company with the capability of engineering, construction, management and planning in the new complex business that combines cutting-edge technology, knowledge and finance.

Hyundai E&C, as the leader in low carbon green technology, will take the lead in pioneering new and renewable energy fields such as nuclear energy, fresh water management, tidal energy and bio.

We will solidify our position as a global company through sustainable management based on transparent administration, eco-friendly business management, coexistence with our affiliates and active social contribution.

As always, we appreciate that you are supporting and encouraging Hyundai E&C as we strive to become a global leader.