Italian design and know-how.

Immergas has been the leading Italian company for the manufacture and marketing of condensing boilers since 2002 and before that of traditional gas boilers. Over 240,000 of the 300,000 boilers we produce each year are manufactured in Italy at the Lentigione di Brescello (Reggio Emilia) plants and most of the components are designed and made at our plants, where over 600 employees design and manufacture 300 different models over 10 production lines.

Immergas also owns a second plant in Poprad, Slovakia, where it works on 3 production lines to manufacture 5 models conceived specifically for emerging markets. Similarly, the aim of the new start ups being launched in the Middle East is that of producing boiler models suited to markets that are very different from ours.

50 years after its birth – on February 5, 1964, in Brescello – the company started by Romano Amadei, Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra ranks consistently among the leading European companies in the heating sector and owns 100% of nine sales subsidiaries in Europe and one in China.
Air-conditioning and consumption saving.

The leading position in innovative boilers held by Immergas in different European countries is supported by a growing attention to evolved hybrid systems for domestic use. Immergas today concentrates on electronically-controlled installations that intelligently choose the more cost-effective energy source among condensing boiler, heat pump, solar panels and photovoltaic energy in order to get heat or cool air with the least energy consumption.

With the ImmerEnergy brand, Immergas has been working since 2010 in the field of renewable energy, producing high-power photovoltaic installations and addressing the complex issues of energy efficiency, essential for the protection of the environment and the recovery of the building industry.