WSSET Innovation Awards 2018

Sustainable development and innovative energy solutions are crucial to reducing climate change. The WSSET Innovation Awards recognise the achievements of private individuals and organisations in new sustainable technologies and encourage the wider application of these new developments.  The 3rd Innovation Awards ceremony took place at the SET2018 gala dinner on 22nd August.  Winners were:

Chong Wen Tong from University of Malaya, Malaysia, for Renewable Energy Systems;

Chua Kian Jon Ernest from National University of Singapore for Energy Efficiency;

Shuai Deng and Yawen Liang from Tianjin University, China, for Renewable Energy Systems;

Shin-Ku Lee from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, and Benson Lau from University of Westminster, UK, for Sustainable Materials;

Hongfei Zheng from Beijing Institute of Technology, China; for Renewable Energy Systems;

Yanjun Dai from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, for Water Treatment & Desalination;

Wen Liu from University of Science and Technology of China, for Agri-food Technologies;

Xudong Zhao and Xiaoli Ma from University of Hull, UK, for Energy Efficiency;

Bin Zhu from China University of Geosciences and Peter Lund from Aalto University, Finland, for Power Generation Technologies;

Tiezhou Wu, Lujun Wang, Yuanzhong Xu, Li Liao, Guangjun Liu, and Zhenyu Yang from Hubei University of Technology, China, for Renewable Energy Systems;

Jie Ji from University of Science and Technology of China for Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency.