Insilico is a high-value chemical company that develops and produces new materials at a low-cost and high-performance on the basis of fusion technology of chemistry and IT (molecular modeling and informatics*) and also develops related software and provides consulting services.

Insilico realizes a new innovation of epoch-making cooperation environment in the entire processes from material designing by molecular modeling, laboratory, manufacturing to quality control.

As R&D-oriented company to develop new fields, we are actively involved in the development of materials of advanced concept and high technology on the basis of “excellent human resources” and “stable organization”.

Based on our technology that has been accumulated through consistent investment and R&D and superior product quality, we are preoccupying both domestic and overseas functional microcapsule product market. Recently, we have succeeded in developing an environment-friendly and fluorine-free textile water repellent and expanding our markets.

In addition, we have developed TechneMine® (technology asset management system) to help a company efficiently manage its R&D information and contracted a licensing agreement with Dassault Systems BIOVIA to sell TechneMine®.