Over the last 114 years, KEPCO has created ‘history of light’ by serving as the reliable supplier of top-quality electric power. KEPCO is now continuing its legacy of the past to build a brighter future with Green & Smart R&D and spirits to stretch itself beyond Korea to global markets.

KEPCO’s Role

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) was founded with the objective to facilitate the development of electric power supply in Korea, meet the country’s power supply and demands needs, and contribute to the national economy in accordance with the Korea Electric Power Corporation Act. KEPCO is classified as a market-oriented public corporation under the Act on the Management of Public Institutions.
KEPCO’s areas of business are based on the aforementioned objectives and include the development of electric power resources, electric power generation, transmission, transformation, and distribution, as well as related marketing, research, technological development, overseas business, investment, corporate social responsibility and use of its property.