We, Nanopac Innovation are a team of highly committed, experienced and qualified Nano-Technology engineers, pursuing a wide range of capabilities of Nano-Technology manufacturing as well as the skills and approvals to design, test and certify. We lead the industry by providing high quality, value added technology based solutions.

We change the Surface Chemistry of any materials with Nanotechnology We innovate technologies in Particle Therapy medical, agricultural, environment engineering and market development.

We pair superior technologies that meet customers’ requirements with exceptional high value of customer care for a worldwide customer base. We focus on technological advancement to build to be the most advanced nanotechnology, configuring to integrate technologies upgrades stemming from our Particle Therapy Research and development relationships.

Our experienced leaders is our key to our success, we assembled a strong executive team with extensive experience in large scale project management,technological development, finance, business development and management.

NANOPAC INNOVATION was established in Suwon, South Korea January 2001. Its principal activities are in the research & development, manufacturing, distributing and servicing of nanotechnology materials/Product. Since inceptions, we have successfully penetrated into the challenging Nanotechnology business world.