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Female Scientist

WSSET Terry Payne Award – Best Research by Female Scientist in Developing Countries*

The successful candidate for this Award will receive prize money of £750 and an Award Certificate and will be invited to participate in the SET 2021 conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The Awards will be advertised widely via WSSET website/Newsletter, SET 2021 conference and other social media channels.

This competition is open to all female scientists in developing countries* and who are members of WSSET. The Award recognises the research innovation that our female members in these countries are carrying out. To acknowledge the extraordinary work there is £750 cash award to the top entry in any of the following areas:

  1. Renewable energy systems (e.g., solar, wind and biomass)
  2. Power generation technologies (e.g., CHP systems, fuel cells and anaerobic digestion plants)
  3. Energy efficiency (e.g., heat pumps and hybrid solar/gas systems)
  4. Low carbon buildings and future cities (e.g., low/zero carbon buildings, sustainable cities)
  5. Water treatment and desalination (e.g., solar water desalination)
  6. Sustainable materials (e.g., innovative composite materials and aerogels)
  7. Waste management and water recycling (e.g., households and construction waste management)
  8. Agri-food technologies (e.g., innovative greenhouses and food drying)

Please click here to download an entry form 2021 – deadline for submissions: 31st March 2021

*Click here for a list of eligible countries